Jomes Cendrefort Lettering
Grand Maître de l'Empire
House Cendrefort
Father ---
Mother ---
Religion Cadrielism

Jomes Cendrefort (date of birth unknown) is the current Grand Maître de l'Empire and leads the imperial household, directly serving Empereur Steve I. Being in such a leading position renders him one of the closest aides to Steve, making him irreplacable in the organisation of the household. Originating from Cantoras, his family moved to Castaire 150 years ago and was serving the imperialty for quite some time with Jomes father being the personal butler of Nathanaël I and Nathanaël II.


Early Life


Grand Maître de l'Empire

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Titles and styles

Cendrefort Coat of Arms

Son Excellence Jomes Cendrefort


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