Emilia Lettering
Emilia Skin
Princesse de Castaire
Dynasty and Family
House House Sacrecouronne
Father Steve I
Mother Belle
Born 6th December 1748
Religion Cadrielism

Emilia (Emilia Samira Sacrecouronne, born 6 December 1748) is the daughter of Steve I and Belle and the younger sister of Lukrezia and Florian.

Early Life

Born on 6 December 1748 in Palais Castaire, Emilia was a very cheerful child which often went outside to explore the nature and discover something new. Her nannys sometimes had to seek her for hours when she were lost in the enourmous gardens.


Princess of Castaire

Titles, styles, honours and arms

Titles and styles

6 December 1748 – ...: Her Imperial Highness Princesse Emilia de Castaire

See also

Predecessor Title Successor


Princesse de Castaire
since 6th December 1748

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