Emilia Lettering
Emilia Skin
Princesse de Castaire
Affiliation Castaire Shield
Dynasty and Family
House House Sacrecouronne
Father Steve I
Mother Belle
Born 6th December 1748
Religion Cadrielism

Emilia (Emilia Samira Sacrecouronne, born 6 December 1748) is the daughter of Steve I and Belle and the younger sister of Lukrezia and Florian.


Emilia is a 1,60 m/5'3" tall girl with auburn armpit-length slightly curled hair and doe-like light blue eyes. Her favourite colours are different shades of light blue like aqua and turquoise. Thus she often wears wrapped dresses in these colours, which are decorated by ribbons and many small gems. When outside the palace, she often features a floral crown woven into her hair.

Early Life

Born on 6 December 1748 in Palais Castaire, Emilia was a very curious child, always looking for another adventure in the seemingly endless gardens of the imperial palace. The premier part of her childhood took place in the nature, playing with her siblings or her parents. Especially Steve completely doted on her, and protected her against all dangers. As the life in a palace contradicted her mercurial temper, she often visits her friends in the street of imperial warrants, and causes ruccus. As being the princess, her father always straightens the chaos left behind by his offspring and invests enormous amounts of money to pay for the repairs. There are several stories about the princess and her friends setting the whole district in flames as they were trying to forge a blade in the smithery. Her hobbies are mainly gymnastics and acrobatics and she is, as the rest of her family, a blessed rider. Furthermore, she is capable of playing the piano and organ, and loves to read and write. Nowadays, as she has grown up and became a beautiful young lady, Steve fears to loose her to a young man and tries to shield her from any teenage boy in the empire.


Princess of Castaire

As Emilia is part of the imperialty, she is also a member of Castaires high nobility and thus several representative duties. 

Titles, styles, honours and arms

Titles and styles

6 December 1748 – ...: Son Altesse Impériale Princesse Emilia de Castaire

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Princesse de Castaire
since 6th December 1748