This article accommodates all the lore about the people living in Castaire. It is divided into the cities and villages and later into the families.


Imperial Court

House Sacrecouronne

He is the current Emperor and thus the head of state of the Castairian Empire. He is often referred to as the greatest statesman the Empire had since his ancestor Castorian. His benevolent and well-thought course of policy, always keeping his subjects in mind, brought the imperial couple an extraordinary popularity among the Castairian people.
She was the wife of Steve and the Empress until her sudden death in 1754. As Steve and her shared the political charge, she is responsible for many decrees boosting the peoples welfare.
She is the Princesse Impériale de Castaire and one of the three children of Steve and Belle. As a very beautiful and elegant young woman she has many suitors, though her father always rejected them.
He is the Prince de Castaire and loves his life. He is often seen with several handsome ladies ...
She is the youngest daughter of Steve and Belle. As she is very active, her nurses are often busy with seeking her.
He is the Chancelier de l'Empire and leads both the government and the parliament in order of his older brother Steve. He is married to Lady Katherine of Gardelegen, a noble woman from Castaires constituent state Gardelegen.

Staff and Personnel

As the personal butler of the Emperor since 3 generations, he served three completely different monarchs and thus is able to read his masters wishes in his eyes. He's a very courteous, chivalrous and always perfectly dressed man in the obvious age of 30 although he must be much older.
The brother of Jomes. He is the personal bodyguard of the Emperor. Joques is part of the court since he arrived together with his brother in March 1680 and serves as an extremely loyal and dedicated employee.
The most powerful statesman in the Empire (except the Emperor), Minister of Inner Affairs and Awesomeness. He gained much power via unconventional ways, people are rumouring about he's poisoning his enemies. Nonetheless, he's one of the Emperors strongest supporters and often represents the Empire in his name.
  • Alicia
Chef of the palace kitchens, was friends with the deceased Empress. She works in the palace since ... well ... ever.
  • Dr. Leobald Hoffmannsthal
He is the perosnal doctor and thus responsible for the health of the Sacrecouronnes.
  • Nice Guy
He, or better, them, because there is not one Nice Guy, but thousands, are the employees of the Emperor. They are responsible for everything related to the welfare of the Imperial Family. Sometimes, they also have to gather Marble and Quartz in the Nether to satisfy the enourmous consumption.


The youngest generation of the Forgerons are two brother, Quintin and Jaques, who are both blacksmiths.

  • Quintin
He is the older brother who currently lives in Lucrécy and works as a blacksmith in the craftsmen district. He is one of the best smiths in the Empire, who once made a horse shoe for Steve I when he was in Liramond for vacation. Steve marveled about the quality of the shoe and asked Quintin to come with him to Lucrécy and offer his great skills there.



The Delacroix is an old noble family. Their youngest heir, Francois, is the current mayor of Liramond, which belongs to the fief of Delacroix family.

  • Francois Delacroix
  • Alice Delacroix


The youngest generation of the Forgerons are two brothers, Quintin and Jaques, who are both blacksmiths.

  • Jaques
He's the blacksmith that has taken over the smithery of his father in Liramond. He is married to Marie, with which he has a son, Jules.
  • Marie
She is the wife of Jaques. They soon lost a baby in the puerperal. She's a very beautiful, but desperate woman making herself and especially her husband reproaches, because he didn't go together with his brother to Lucrécy, where the baby could have been rescued.
  • Jules
The ten year old boy is the son of Jaques and Marie and is also the apprentice and right hand of his father.
  • Quintin
He is the more talented smith and went to Lucrécy in March 1746. His talent was scouted by the Emperor himself, while he was on vacation in Liramond, his horse casted a shoe. He went to the local smithery and met Quintin, who made a new horseshoe. This shoe was of the most impressive quality and so the Emperor decided to make Quintin Imperial Smith.


The Grantelhubers are a family of merchants. They originally came from a city called Hinterkubeltupfingen, located in Cantoras.

  • Günther
He is the youngest offspring of the Grantelhubers and is searching for his grandfather. He is continuing his grandfathers work and sells fish to buy a ship and find his grandpa.
  • Günthers Grandma
  • Günthers Grandpa
He was a former adventurer and his main working place was the fishing hamlet Calva, where he started his explorations. He is lost without a trace since 1749.


  • Igor
Noone knows anything about him, but he's one of the oldest inhabitants of Liramond and came from the High North. The people avoid him, as he acts "mysterious" and sells extraordinary (some might say odd) things.


The Colberts are a family famous for their extraordinary talent in creating jewelry.

  • Luc
He's the current jeweler of Liramond and thus very famous for his excellent works. He uses the extremely rare Liramondts mined in the shafts of Liramond.
  • Josephine
She is the wife of Luc and has two small children with him which are twins.
  • Adrien & Adrienne
These twins are the children of Luc and Josephine. They are three years old.


  • Desireé
She is the pharmacist of Liramond. She is 26 years old and a very beautiful woman with shoulder long brown curled hair. Her father lives in a retirement home and is dement, thus he don't want his daughter to marry, as he thinks she is too young. The monastery is working together with her.

Von Carstein

  • Manfred
As the current bishop of the small monastery in Liramond, it is Mannfreds task to lead the life and provide guidance for his fellow brothers.