Cadrielism is a polytheistic religion based on the (eternal) life and teachings of Cadriel, who is the main focal point for the religion. It is Esradons largest religion, with over 600 million followers, known as Cadrielists. Cadrielists believe that Cadriel is the creator of the world and the saviour of mankind.

Cadrielistic theology is summarized in creeds such as the Archaic Creed and Mallian Creed. These professions of faith state that Cadriel created the universe, mankind and everything else in order to create an everlasting cycle of life. Further, those creeds maintain His bodily presence in the heavenly palace of Æternalis where he reigns with his Arch Angels, followed by the angelic hosts. The Holy Scripture of Cadrielism, referred to as Lexica Cadrielus, includes also several written accounts of Cadriels presence at Æonis, which are considered as canonical.

Furthermore, it is the state religion of the biggest esradonian state, the Empire of Castaire, aswell as of its neighbouring realm Cantoras. With the beginning of the Age of Discovery and the following discovery of the new world, many settlers with cadrielistic faith founded colonies there and spread the word of Cadriel further around the world.



Subject Angels

High Archangels



Archangels of Elements





Archangels of People





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