The Battle of Camelot (castairien: Bataille du Camelot) was fought on 18 June 1741 at the royal capital Camelot in Cantoras. A cantorian army under the command of Arthur VI was eventually defeated by two armies of the Empire Castairien: the Armée du Lacrosse under the command of Prince Impérial Steve and the Armée Impériale under command of Nergobert von Bösendorff.

The castairien attempt on Camelot was rather quick, as the past battles all ended victorious for the Empire and the heavy fortified castles upon the streets to Camelot were easily sieged and surrendered. So it was just a matter of time when the first army would approach the capital, and Arthur VI planned wisely and heavily fortified his bulwark capital. The capital is located in a basin enclosed by high mountain ranges with steep walls and thus especially difficult to attack by artillery, as they can't use the suitable positions at the ridges. Thus the capital was rather protected of an imperial assault. Nonetheless, as the Prince had his orders, his army marched throughout the valley and captured the small village Primrose as their base.

The lasting assault on the castles walls was intrigued by high casualties of Steves army, that he ordered to fall back to Primrose and defend the village. The soldiers fortified the position and were able to keep the enemy at distance. Nonetheless, the size of the cantorian army in the city was by far larger than the remaining castairien force and they slowly wore down the castairien units. Thanks to Princess Belle, the cantorian foray was departed soon before the reinforcements under Nergobert von Bösendorff arrived.

As the pinnacle of the battle was over, the newly arrived army placed its artillery (which was flown in by several highly innovative airships) and destroyed the cities outer walls. Following the wall breach, the infantry attacked and eventually captured the city.

This was the battle involving the highest casualties on both sides of the whole Grand War Against Cantoras and marked a pinnacle in worsening the relations of the neighbouring realms. Nonetheless, it contributed to the imperial victory one year later.






First Assault


Wall Breach

Infantry Attack

Retreat to Primrose

A White Rider

Imperial Reinforcements

Artillery Volleyfire

Capturing Camelot